Alterations & Repairs

Japlene caters for all types of alterations, from restyling existing garments (including, of course, wedding dresses), replacing zips and even repairing your favourite pair of jeans.


Have you got clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear, perhaps because they look a little dated or are not quite the right size any more? You could just leave them there taking up space or you could take them to the charity shop but the best option would be to have them altered so that you can wear them again.

We can make the necessary alterations for you so why not bring the item along to us and we can discuss what changes are needed to give the garment a new lease of life. Recently, we've been altering prom dresses for a number of people who bought them online but found that they didn't fit that well. If you'd like us to alter your prom dress (or any other garment) so that it fits perfectly, do drop in.

Having lost a lot of weight, many thanks to Polly for re-fitting my favourite garments. (Gael Bretz)

All alterations are priced individually and will be much more economical than buying new so do bring your items into the shop and you'll be wearing them again in no time and feeling good. I used to do alterations for Jaeger at one time so you can be confident your garments will be in good hands.

We also provide an alteration service for school uniforms and the sewing on of badges to any of your garments.


Jeans with a rip in them? Zip on a pair of trousers broken? A tear in a favourite shirt, blouse or jacket?

Don't throw them out but instead bring them along to us and we'll find a way of repairing it. We're experts with a needle and thread and can manage to repair most clothes inexpensively. It's definitely going to be much more economical than replacing the garment.

Thanks for renewing the zip on my favourite coat - a job I would never have thought was possible (Sandy Maycock)

Each repair is priced according to how long it takes us to carry out the repair, so do bring along the item for us to look at and we'll give you an honest assessment and quote you a price. Don't let your damaged clothes sit in the back of your wardrobe, bring them along and let us mend them for you.

Curtains and Cushions

Handmade cushions by Japlene

Another service we are happy to offer is the making up of curtains and cushions. If you have the material and the measurements we can quickly make up curtains for you to your exact requirements. Similarly with cushions, if you can bring the materials and let us know what you need, we can create your cushions whatever the fabric.

We have a range of lovely silks in the shop and have made up cushions from some of these. If you would like us to create some cushions specifically to match your colour scheme, we'd be delighted to help.

For alterations, repairs, cushions or curtains, do give us a ring on 01865 361225, email us via the contact page or simply call into the workshop Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 5pm or Saturday 10am to 2pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

If it's made of fabric and it needs a needle and thread to make it, repair it or alter it, we can help!

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