Bridesmaids Dresses

Beautiful bridesmaids complement a beautiful bride and we understand how important it is to have a coordinated look for the bridesmaids so that you all look fantastic on the big day and in all the photos afterwards.

We can create made-to-measure bridesmaid dresses for you that fit perfectly and look stunning whether fitted or floaty, long or short, simple or elaborate. If there are several bridesmaids, and especially if some of the bridesmaids are children, it can be quite difficult to find suitable dresses in the high street shops. This is definitely not a problem for us as we create the designs individually ourselves and make each dress by hand in our workshop.

In our experience, it is often the case that individual bridesmaids prefer to have slightly different dresses while keeping the same fabric, colour and overall style – for instance some prefer their arms covered while others want a strapless design; some would like a long dress and others a shorter dress. We can accommodate all preferences and can create beautiful bridesmaids' dresses for all tastes, sizes and shapes. Don't worry if one (or more) of the bridesmaids is pregnant – we can create a dress that adapts to her changing shape!

As you can see in the photo here, each of the bridesmaids have dresses made in the same fabric but each design is slightly different. There are more examples on the gallery page too.

We can also coordinate the groom and his party by providing tailor-made waistcoats, cravats and ties. We love being creative and we are always very happy to work with you to create a set of designs that match your requirements as well as discussing fabrics, accessories, etc. Having created and sketched the designs we would then have fittings with each bridesmaid to ensure we get the perfect fit for everyone. The result will be a set of made-to-measure bridesmaid dresses that look fantastic and which you will be delighted to wear.

Thank you so much for making such beautiful dresses and trousers for the flower girls and page boy, Tom. They looked absolutely gorgeous. (Alice Parsons)

All our designs are exclusive to Japlene and we can create beautiful bridesmaid dresses that are suitable for all wedding venues from your local church to an exotic faraway beach. With prices starting from £200 for an adult bridesmaid dress why compromise with off-the-shelf dresses when we can create gorgeous bridesmaids dresses that fit perfectly and will look stunning.

Whatever your requirement for bridesmaids dresses we are here to help. You are welcome to come and browse through our range of fabrics and to discuss ideas for designs with us. We can also use your own fabric. So do give us a call on 01865 361225, drop us a line via our contact page or just pop into the workshop Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm or Saturday 10am to 2pm. We look forward to seeing you soon and creating stunning bridesmaid dresses for you.

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